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Nota Bene


Ori Pomerantz would like to thank Yoav Weiss for many helpful ideas and discussions, as well as finding mistakes within this document before its publication. Ori would also like to thank Frodo Looijaard from the Netherlands, Stephen Judd from New Zealand, Magnus Ahltorp from Sweeden and Emmanuel Papirakis from Quebec, Canada.

I'd like to thank Ori Pomerantz for authoring this guide in the first place and then letting me maintain it. It was a tremendous effort on his part. I hope he likes what I've done with this document.

I would also like to thank Jeff Newmiller and Rhonda Bailey for teaching me. They've been patient with me and lent me their experience, regardless of how busy they were. David Porter had the unenviable job of helping convert the original LaTeX source into docbook. It was a long, boring and dirty job. But someone had to do it. Thanks, David.

Thanks also goes to the fine people at In particular, Mark McLoughlin and John Levon who I'm sure have much better things to do than to hang out on and teach the newbies. If this guide teaches you anything, they are partially to blame.

Both Ori and I would like to thank Richard M. Stallman and Linus Torvalds for giving us the opportunity to not only run a high-quality operating system, but to take a close peek at how it works. I've never met Linus, and probably never will, but he has made a profound difference in my life.

The following people have written to me with corrections or good suggestions: Ignacio Martin, David Porter, and Dimo Velev