14.10. Forcing a cluster container to be active

A private container and its objects are made active on a node if:

Similarly, a shared container and its objects are made active on a node if the node is in a cluster that currently has quorum. However, the administrator can force the activation of private and shared containers by overriding these rules.


Use extreme caution when performing this operation by ensuring that the node on which the cluster container resides is the only active node in the cluster. Otherwise, the data in volumes on shared and private containers on the node can get corrupted.

  1. Enabling maintenance mode in the /etc/evms.conf file. The option to modify in the /etc/evms.conf file is the following:

# cluster segment manager section
    csm {
    #	admin_mode=yes	# values are: yes or no
    				# The default is no. Set this key to
    				# yes when you wish to force the CSM
    				# to discover objects from all cluster
    				# containers, allowing you to perform
    				# configuration and maintenance.  Setting
    				# admin_mode to yes will cause the CSM
    				# to ignore container ownership, which
    				# will allow you to configure storage
    				# in a maintenance mode.

  2. Running evms_activate on the node.