10.3. Creating a drive link

The drive link plug-in provides a list of acceptable objects from which it can create a drive-link object. When you create an EVMS storage object and then choose the drive link plug-in, a list of acceptable objects is provided that you can choose from. The ordering of the drive link is implied by the order in which you pick objects from the provided list. After you provide a name for the new drive-link object, the identified link objects are consumed and the new drive-link object is produced. The name for the new object is the only option when creating a drive-link.

Only the last object in a drive link can be expanded, shrunk or removed. Additionally, a new object can be added to the end of an existing drive link only if the file system (if one exists) permits. Any resizing of a drive link, whether to grow it or shrink it, must be coordinated with the appropriate file system operations. EVMS handles these file system operations automatically.