6.6. Removing a segment manager

When a segment manager is removed from a disk, the disk can be reused by other plug-ins. The remove command causes the segment manager to remove its partition or slice table from the disk, leaving the raw disk storage object that then becomes an available EVMS storage object. As an available storage object, the disk is free to be used by any plug-in when storage objects are created or expanded. You can also add any of the segment managers to the available disk storage object to subdivide the disk into segments.

Most segment manager plug-ins check to determine if any of the segments are still in use by other plug-ins or are still part of volumes. If a segment manager determines that there are no disks from which it can safely remove itself, it will not be listed when you use the remove command. In this case, you should delete the volume or storage object that is consuming segments from the disk you want to reuse.