20.2. Example: complete a plug-in operations task

This section shows how to complete a plug-in operations task with the EVMS GUI, Ncurses, and CLI interfaces.

Example 20-1. Add a spare disk to a compatibility volume made from an MDRaid5 region

This example adds disk sde as a spare disk onto volume /dev/evms/md/md0, which is a compatibility volume that was created from an MDRaid5 region.

20.2.1. Using the EVMS GUI

Follow these steps to add sde to /dev/evms/md/md0 with the EVMS GUI:

  1. Select Other->Storage Object Tasks...

  2. Select md/md0.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Select Add spare object.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select sde.

  7. Click Add.

  8. The operation is completed when you save.

Alternatively, you could use context-sensitive menus to complete the task, as follows:

  1. View the region md/md0. You can view the region either by clicking on the small plus sign beside the volume name (/dev/evms/md/md0) on the volumes tab, or by selecting the regions tab.

  2. Right click the region (md/md0). A list of acceptable Actions and Navigational shortcuts displays. The last items on the list are the tasks that are acceptable at this time.

  3. Point to Add spare object and left click.

  4. Select sde.

  5. Click Add.

20.2.2. Using Ncurses

Follow these steps to add sde to /dev/evms/md/md0 with Ncurses:

  1. Select Other->Storage Object Tasks

  2. Select md/md0.

  3. Activate Next.

  4. Select Add spare object.

  5. Activate Next.

  6. Select sde.

  7. Activate Add.

Alternatively, you can use the context sensitive menu to complete the task:

  1. From the Regions view, press Enter on md/md0.

  2. Activate the Add spare object menu item.

  3. Select sde.

  4. Activate Add.

20.2.3. Using the CLI

With the EVMS CLI, all plug-in tasks must be accomplished with the task command. Follow these steps to add sde to /dev/evms/md/md0 with the CLI:

  1. The following query command with the list options filter to determines the acceptable tasks for a particular object and the name-value pairs it supports. The command returns information about which plug-in tasks are available at the current time and provides the information necessary for you to complete the command.

    query: objects, object=md/md0, list options
  2. The command takes the name of the task (returned from the previous query), the object to operate on (in this case, md/md0), any required options (none in this case) and, if necessary, another object to be manipulated (in our example, sde, which is the spare disk we want to add):
    task: addspare, md/md0, sde
    The command is completed upon saving.