Chapter 19. Mounting and unmounting volumes from within EVMS

Table of Contents
19.1. Mounting a volume
19.1.1. Using the EVMS GUI
19.1.2. Using Ncurses
19.1.3. Using the CLI
19.2. Unmounting a volume
19.2.1. Using the EVMS GUI
19.2.2. Using Ncurses
19.2.3. Using the CLI
19.3. The SWAPFS file system
19.3.1. Turning swap on
19.3.2. Turning swap off

Some volume operations, such as expanding and shrinking, may require that the volume be mounted or unmounted before you can perform the operation. EVMS lets you mount and unmount volumes from within EVMS without having to go to a separate terminal session.

EVMS performs the mount and unmount operations immediately. It does not wait until the changes are saved.