A.4. Expanding DOS partitions

A partition is a physically contiguous run of sectors on a disk. You can expand a partition by adding unallocated sectors to the initial run of sectors on the disk. Because the partition must remain physically contiguous, a partition can only be expanded by growing into an unused area on the disk. These unused areas are exposed by the DOS plug-in as freespace segments. Therefore, a data segment is only expandable if a freespace segment immediately follows it. Lastly, because a DOS partition must end on a cylinder boundary, DOS segments are expanded in cylinder size increments. This means that if the DOS segment you want to expand is followed by a freespace segment, you might be unable to expand the DOS segment if the freespace segment is less than a cylinder in size.

There is one expand option, as follows:


This is the amount by which you want to expand the data segment. The amount must be a multiple of the disk's cylinder size.