E.1. Assigning the CSM plug-in

Assigning a segment manager to a disk means that you want the plug-in to manage partitions on the disk. In order to do this, the plug-in needs to create and maintain appropriate metadata. The CSM creates the follow three segments on the disk:

The CSM collects the information it needs to perform the assign operation with the following options:


Choose only from a list of configured node IDs that have been provided to the CSM by clustering software. The default selection is the node from which you are running the EVMS user interface.

Container Name

The name for the container. You need to keep this name unique across the cluster to prevent name-in-conflict errors should the container fail over to another node that has a container with the same name.

Storage Type

Can be either: share, private, or deported.

Note that you would typically assign the CSM to a disk when you want to add a disk to an existing CSM container. If you are creating a new container, you have a choice of using either: Actions->Create->Container or Actions->Add->Segment Manager.

If the container doesn't exist, it will be created for the disk. If the container already exists, the disk will be added to it.