J.1. Creating OpenGFS file systems

OpenGFS file systems can be created with mkfs on any EVMS or compatibility volume that does not already have a file system and that is produced from a shared cluster container. The following options are available for creating OpenGFS file systems:


Set the file system block size. The block size is in bytes. The block size must be a power of 2 between 512 and 65536, inclusive. The default block size is 4096 bytes.


The names of the journal volumes, one for each node.


Specify the name of the locking protocol to use. The choices are "memexp" and "opendlm."


Specify the shared volume to be used to contain the locking metadata.

The OpenGFS FSIM only takes care of file system operations. It does not take care of OpenGFS cluster and node configuration. Before the volumes can be mounted, you must configure the cluster and node separately after you have made the file system and saved the changes.