F.1. Creating JFS file systems

JFS file systems can be created with mkfs on any EVMS or compatibility volume (at least 16 MB in size) that does not already have a file system. The following options are available for creating JFS file systems:


Perform a read-only check for bad blocks on the volume before creating the file system. The default is false.


Mark the file system as case-insensitive (for OS/2 compatibility). The default is false.


Specify a volume label for the file system. The default is none.


Specify the volume to use for an external journal. This option is only available with version 1.0.20 or later of the JFS utilities. The default is none.


Specify the inline log size (in MB). This option is only available if the journalvol option is not set. The default is 0.4% of the size of the volume up to 32 MB.