1.1. Why choose EVMS?

EVMS lets you manage storage space in a way that is more intuitive and flexible than many other Linux volume management systems. Practical tasks, such as migrating disks or adding new disks to your Linux system, become more manageable with EVMS because EVMS can recognize and read from different volume types and file systems. EVMS provides additional safety controls by not allowing commands that are unsafe. These controls help maintain the integrity of the data stored on the system.

You can use EVMS to create and manage data storage. With EVMS, you can use multiple volume management technologies under one framework while ensuring your system still interacts correctly with stored data. With EVMS, you are can use drive linking, shrink and expand volumes, create snapshots of your volumes, and set up RAID (redundant array of independent devices) features for your system. You can also use many types of file systems and manipulate these storage pieces in ways that best meet the needs of your particular work environment.

EVMS also provides the capability to manage data on storage that is physically shared by nodes in a cluster. This shared storage allows data to be highly available from different nodes in the cluster.