NAME Tags::HTML::Page::Begin - Tags helper for HTML page begin. SYNOPSIS use Tags::HTML::Page::Begin; my $obj = Tags::HTML::Page::Begin->new(%params); $obj->process; $obj->process_css; METHODS "new" my $obj = Tags::HTML::Stars->new(%params); Constructor. * "doctype" Document doctype string. Default value is ''. * "css" 'CSS::Struct::Output' object for process_css processing. It's required. Default value is undef. * "lang" Hash with language information for output. Keys are: 'title'. Default value is reference to hash with these value: 'title' => 'Page title' * "tags" 'Tags::Output' object. It's required. Default value is undef. "process" $obj->process; Process Tags structure for output. Returns undef. "process_css" $obj->process_css; Process CSS::Struct structure for output. This processing must be before process, because in process is output used. Returns undef. ERRORS new(): From Class::Utils::set_params(): Unknown parameter '%s'. EXAMPLE1 use strict; use warnings; use CSS::Struct::Output::Indent; use Tags::HTML::Page::Begin; use Tags::HTML::Page::End; use Tags::Output::Indent; # Object. my $tags = Tags::Output::Indent->new( 'preserved' => ['style'], ); my $css = CSS::Struct::Output::Indent->new; my $begin = Tags::HTML::Page::Begin->new( 'css' => $css, 'tags' => $tags, ); my $end = Tags::HTML::Page::End->new( 'tags' => $tags, ); # Process page $begin->process_css; $begin->process; $tags->put( ['b', 'div'], ['d', 'Hello world!'], ['e', 'div'], ); $end->process; # Print out. print $tags->flush; # Output: # # # # # # # Page title # # # # #
# Hello world! #
# # DEPENDENCIES Class::Utils, Error::Pure, List::Utils, MIME::Base64, Readonly. SEE ALSO Tags::HTML::Page::End Tags helper for HTML page end. REPOSITORY AUTHOR Michal Josef Špaček LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT © Michal Josef Špaček 2020 BSD 2-Clause License VERSION 0.01