3.3. HP software and free software

This section presents rapidly some HP applications which can be used under Linux. These are either commercial applications or freeware applications.

It proposes also links to free software available for other operating systems (HP-UX, MPE/IX).

3.3.1. HP softwares under Linux


This commercial software targetted to the ISP manages services levels and is available for RedHat version 5.2 distributions. http://www.firehunter.com.

HP Eloquence

This commercial software is an IDE for management applications for small business firms and is available under Linux since 1997. A lot of distributions are supported by a third party firm to which HP has given the support. Complementary information exist on the site http://www.hp-eloquence.com.

HP WebJetAdmin

This freeware allows to manage HP network printers through the installation of a service on a Linux server, and is accessible from any browser running on any client machine. HP has announced the availability of this product the fisrt time in 5.1 version in February 1999. Then were released version 5.6 in December 1999, 6.0 version in June 2000, 6.1 version in August 2000, 6.5 version in October 2001. You may download the latest version at ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/hpwebjet_linux.selfx. All information on this product are available from the addresses : http://www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin and http://www.hp.com/pond/wja/live/manual/html/wjacomp_linux.html.

The 5.6 version in RPM format is also available at http://www.HyPer-Linux.org/HP-HOWTO/mirror/Software/hpwebjet-5.6-1.i386.rpm.


This commercial software allows to manage Internet Quality of Service by stabilizing performances during high loads, by optimizing used resources, and by managing priorities at applications and users levels. HP has announced the availability of this product during summer 1999. Complementary information exist on the site http://www.hp.com/go/webqos.

HP OpenView

This commercial software is a complete network management platform. An NNM (Network Node Manager) has been announced, as well as ITO. NNM and ITO agents are currently available for Linux. An Omniback client is available for Redhat 5.2 distributions (Cf http://www.hp.com/storage/event/openview_hl.html).

Precision from F. Lorrain: The Omniback II (A.03.50) client run without problem under debian potato (2.2r3) and Mandrake 7.2. But on debian, you need the libnns1-compat.

HP OpenMail

A version of this commercial mail and work group management tool is available since the first of september, 1999 under Linux. Till November the 13th, 2001, the software has been taken over by Samsung SDS. Informations concerning it are available on the page : http://www.openmail.com.

HP E-Speak

E-Speak, the open software platform for creating, composing, mediating, managing, and accessing Internet-based e-services. E-speak allows a resource (computing device, application, or data content) to be virtualized and re-deployed as an Internet-based e-service. All information concerning it are available on the page : http://www.e-speak.hp.com/.

HP MC Service Guard

This commercial software allows to manage a high availability cluster of applications. HP has announced the availability of this product for the 15th of November 2001. Complementary information exist on the site http://www.unixsolutions.hp.com/products/ha/prod/ar/mcsg.html. Reference : T1521A.

Plug-in Scheduler policies for Linux

This patch enables you to write and use loadable kernel modules to change your Linux machine's scheduler policies without rebooting. It's available at http://resourcemanagement.unixsolutions.hp.com/WaRM/schedpolicy.html.

PRM for Linux

This commercial tool allows you to monitor CPU ressources on your machine by partitioning it. http://resourcemanagement.unixsolutions.hp.com/WaRM/prm_linux/index.html.

HP TopTools Agent for Linux

This freeware is a DMI agent increasing the ease of management of HP Machines under Linux. Downlaodable from http://hp-linux.org/toptools and http://www.hp.com/toptools/download/server_agents.html.


This free software is FTP server perf measurement tool. Downloadable at ftp://ftp.cup.hp.com/dist/networking/tools/dummynet/.


This free software is a perf measurement tool for benchmarks. Downlaodable from ftp://ftp.cup.hp.com/dist/networking/benchmarks/netperf.

hp-lx (aka Trusted Linux aka Secure Linux)

This commercial software is a modified version of a RedHat distribution, containing kernel patches and daemons (GPL), as well as a set of management commands (commercial) allowing you to create jail compartments to execute applications, running so in an absolute secure environment. The software also controls file access, inter-process and network communications, ... More information on http://www.hp.com/security/products/linux/.

Chai Server

This free software is an embedded Web-based application server. More information on https://devnet.hp.com/projects/csopen/.


Kelvin is an application programming interface (API) project dedicated for the interactive visualization of large geometric models. http://www.gris.uni-tuebingen.de/~bartz/kelvin/.

Service Control Manager

This commercial software is a secure single-point of adminstration for both Linux and HP-UX multi-system environments. http://www.hp.com/products1/linux/software/scm.html.

HP AS (Bluestone)

This commercial software is a service-oriented application server. http://www.bluestone.com.

3.3.2. Third party softwares linked to HP for Linux


HP and Cygnus Solutions have announced the 8th of March, 1999 a partnership to provide the GNUPro tools on all the HP machines, including Linux.


Arkeia is a network backup solution supporting perfectly all HP storage peripherals (autoloader, libraries, ...)

3.3.3. Free softwares under HP-UX

Numerous free software for HP-UX are available at http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/. HP hosts also a certain number of free software tools for HP-UX at http://h21007.www2.hp.com/dspp/tech/tech_TechTypeListingPage_IDX/1,1704,10312,00.html

Hp proposes also tools to help porting Linux applications to HP-UX. Cf: http://devresource.hp.com/LPK/ and http://devresource.hp.com/STKL/index.html.

An open source version of hpterm may be found on http://sourceforge.net/projects/hpterm/.

KDE 2.1 s also available for HP-UX.

3.3.4. Free softwares under MPE/IX

Numerous free software for MPE/IX are available at http://jazz.external.hp.com/src

An HP700/92 terminal emulator is available at http://www.aics-research.com/qcterm/